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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: NLRB’s new union elections rules – What you need to know

Never was this truer for restaurant operators than with two current rulings of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on union elections and joint employers. It is essential that restaurateurs familiarize themselves with these rules and prepare accordingly.

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President’s Column: Unions and restaurants – How union marketing and PR impacts restaurants

In part three, I will focus on non-regulatory effects. How will you, the local restaurateur who is just trying to make a living, be impacted by the gunfight?

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The WRA Education Foundation: What it can do for you

By Lyle Hildahl, WRA Education Foundation director I was thinking that back when I had my restaurant, the landscape was very different. We had our challenges, but certainly not at

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Restaurant job growth slowed in March

Restaurant industry job growth slowed along with the overall economy in March. However, the overall first quarter gain remained on trend with the previous 10 quarters, when growth averaged just under 100,000 restaurant jobs per quarter, according to the NRA’s chief economist Bruce Grindy.

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Restaurant workforce demographics are shifting

The teen labor force participation rate declined sharply in recent years, a development that directly impacted the restaurant workforce.