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Washington’s hospitality industry faces winds of change

The largest employer, in Washington, is not Boeing. It’s not Microsoft. It still won’t be Amazon, despite all its growth.

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Restaurant job growth firm despite tighter labor market

Although restaurants continued to expand payrolls at a steady pace in November, there are indications that the labor pool is becoming shallower.

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Hospitality manager leaves wallet on table in policy deliberations

For the fourth consecutive year, managing the cost of providing health care to employees is the biggest challenge facing employers in today’s corporate climate, according a survey of benefits and

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Riding the churn

The lure of greener pastures is simply a fact of life for hiring managers in the hospitality industry.

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Tax Provisions for Restaurants & Small Businesses

Two of the Biggest Tax Breaks for the Restaurant Industry Two of the biggest tax provisions that affect the restaurant industry are the 15-Year Restaurant Depreciation and the Worker Opportunity Tax

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The big three: What keeps Washington state’s HR managers up at night.

In hospitality, the quality of your staff—and how they welcome and serve your guests—can make or break your business.

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President’s Column: Restaurants provide pathway to the American Dream

I love my job because I firmly believe that our industry continues to provide the American Dream. Some really good news about our industry has just come through that supports this idea. The WRA’s Education Foundation application for federal Resources to Initiate Successful Employment (RISE) grant was accepted.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Hispanics find incredible opportunities in restaurants

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S. – a time when we celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans.

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Develop and retain your staff

This year has been difficult to find people and keep them. The labor market seems tight and when I try to hire a person, from a dishwasher to a manager the money they’re asking for is higher than what I’m paying my long-term employees.

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Restaurants a great place to ‘start’ career

As students begin to head back to school, the National Restaurant Association is highlighting the industry’s successes in offering education and job opportunities to millions of young people around the country.

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Will drones fly their way into the restaurant industry?

Earlier this year, a Singapore-based restaurant chain, Timbre, announced that it will be implementing drone waiters as a way to deal with the country’s growing service staffing gap issue.

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Back-of-the-house’s important role in creating hospitality

Hospitality is the guiding force of the front-of-house. Whether it’s the hosts, servers, bartenders and/or bussers you see bustling about a full-service restaurant or the person at the counter and those keeping the dining area clean in quick service, these are the people responsible for projecting the value hospitality adds to the experience of the restaurant guest. Right?

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Robot kitchens on the near future menu

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s all very real and on its way to a restaurant near you sooner than you may think.

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Washington state ProStart excels at nationwide competition

The Washington Restaurant Association (WRA) is pleased to celebrate another year of success for the Washington ProStart teachers and students. Every year our state excels at the National ProStart Invitational.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: NLRB on joint employers

Last week, Washington Restaurant Market Watch examined the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) rulings on union elections and their potential impact on restaurant operators. This week we continue our series on the NLRB with a look at its view of joint employers.