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Weekly Update: Thank you, WRA and WLA members, for making this year’s Hill Climb a stunning success

On January 25, more than 200 restaurant and hotel, owners and operators came to Olympia. This dedicated group arrived at the state capitol to act as a voice for the hospitality industry. Washington depends heavily on the hospitality sector as it pays more than $811 million in sales and B&O taxes alone.

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Health Care Solutions from the WRA

It’s open enrollment season, and while some people have it all figured out, others are scrambling to find the solution that is best for their business. Even those who already

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ACA Questions? Ask a H.I.H.I.T. Broker ANYTHING!

Here’s How: On October 20, from 9:30-11 am, H.I.H.I.T. insurance broker Joe Peoples will be answering your health insurance questions on Twitter.  H.I.H.I.T. is the “Hospitality Industry Health Insurance Trust”,

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Health care built for restaurants

When open enrollment season for health care programs looms over employers, many look for new ways to save money while providing the best insurance products for their business and employees.

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Getting ACA Compliant for 2016

Health insurance for hospitality: The H.I.H.I.T. program is a way for association members to purchase medical and dental insurance plans designed specifically for the hospitality industry and their employees.

Health Care Reform

Is the ACA Driving You Crazy?

If you’re an employer in the hospitality industry who’s ripping their hair out over the Affordable Care Act, then HIHIT may be the answer to all your health insurance problems.

Health Care Reform

Are You Ready for 2016? HIHIT Can Help

Are you having trouble finding group insurance plans that fit your needs as a hospitality employer? H.I.H.I.T. specializes in providing health insurance to restaurant and hotel employers.

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HIHIT: Meeting Restaurants’ Insurance Needs

HIHIT: Insurance plans managed by people who know the restaurant industry and tailored to provide you with the flexibility you need to succeed.

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Healthcare for 2016: Problem Solved

HIHIT is the restaurant owner’s best option for health insurance. Here are 5 reasons why.


Open enrollment season is almost over – Ready?

Ready? When the 2015 Health Insurance open enrollment ends (Sunday February 15th), what do your employees need to know?  Similarly, what do you need to know when it comes to