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Weekly Update: Restaurants Granted Stay in Tip Pooling Case

Restaurants Granted Stay in Tip Pooling Case Following last week’s denial by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals of WRA’s petition to reconsider its Feb. 23 ruling in our ongoing

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Weekly Update: Seattle City Council Will Consider Restrictive Scheduling

The Seattle City Council will consider the proposed employee scheduling legislation for the first time at the Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development and Arts Committee special meeting at 12 p.m. on Sept. 7.

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It’s National Food Safety Month! Prevent foodborne illness outbreaks

The National Restaurant Association is promoting best practices throughout National Food Safety Month to help restaurants understand and combat foodborne illness.

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Weekly Update: WRA and WLA Announce 2016 Election Endorsements

Each year the WRA and WLA Government Affairs Committee endorses candidates that support restaurants and hotels and who will work to keep a thriving business sector in our state.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: What to do when customers claim your food made them sick

Restaurants strive to provide wholesome food that meets the highest standards of safety, but despite their best efforts, every now and then, customers will get sick and claim your food was the culprit.

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UK restaurant owner guilty of manslaughter in allergy death

LONDON (AP) MAY 23 2016 — A British man has been convicted of manslaughter after a customer at his Indian restaurant died because of a peanut allergy. Restaurant owner Mohammed

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FDA issues safety tips after outbreak linked to frozen veggies

The Food and Drug Administration is advising restaurateurs to check out their frozen vegetables to see if they bought or stored any products linked to a recent multistate Listeria outbreak.


Temperature Danger Zone

The “Danger Zone” is the temperature range in which most bacteria are able to grow in potentially hazardous foods. Because several bacteria that cause foodborne illness have been shown to


Consumer Advisory

A consumer advisory is a publicly-posted notice that certain ready-to-eat foods pose a health risk because they are not processed to destroy pathogens. Consumer Advisory consists of two parts: Disclosure


Sick Worker Restriction and Exclusion

Employee Health Healthy food workers are one of the most important ingredients in food borne illness prevention. To protect public health, ill food employees must either be restricted from certain food


Cooking Temperature Guidelines

Cooking is used to kill pathogens (microorganisms that cause disease) in food. To accomplish this vital step, cooking requires a combination of proper time and temperature measures. The correct method


Time as a Control

The growth of bacteria in potentially hazardous food is controlled by time and temperature. For example, potentially hazardous food must be kept out of the Danger Zone except during active


Cooling Temperature Guidelines

Cooked food is generally safest if prepared just before service, instead of cooked in advance or cooled for service another day. Because many bacteria survive cooking temperatures, and recontamination can


ServSafe® Advanced Food Safety

ServSafe Advanced Food Safety certification course was developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to train foodservice workers in food safety and sanitation.  Training includes the HACCP system of