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Easily Increase Profitability

Increase Productivity to Increase Profitability By Rick Braa, CHAE Numbers rule! Numbers tell the truth, they eliminate drama, they’re fascinating and most of all they can help you make more

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Manage Four Behaviors to Maximize Labor Spend

There has been plenty of discussion and change around higher employee wages. While I’m on board with everyone making more, I would like to improve the productivity of my workforce. We can’t pay more and get the same productivity as before. What ideas can help?

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Earth Day is every day

Local sourcing of food products, food waste reduction, energy conservation, sustainable seafood, environmental sustainability – you name it, restaurants are going “green” in a major way.

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Consider these Five Resolutions for 2016

It’s early in the year and a time for both reflection and fresh starts. Take the opportunity this month to think about what you will do differently in 2016 to up your game, and then make the commitments you need to increase your success.

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Protect profits by shifting labor management practices

Maintaining the status quo or hoping higher wages are going to slow down contradicts the increasing momentum of the progressive political movement. With voters, labor unions and politicians taking an increasing role of driving wages up, the labor model of the past is fading.

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A garbage train one mile long

What would it take for you to totally overhaul the way you process your restaurant’s waste streams? Not theoretically in your head, but on a Friday night, when everyone is moving full speed? How about during a manic lunch rush?

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants get serious about energy efficiency

Restaurants are important parts of the community, so no one should be too surprised that these establishments are taking a leading role in demonstrating how businesses can become energy efficient – and why it is to their advantage to do so.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: QSRs discover table tracking

If you’ve encountered table trackers, you’ve probably seen them at fast casual establishments, like Panera Bread, but don’t be surprised if you soon see this technology at your favorite quick service restaurant.

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Will drones fly their way into the restaurant industry?

Earlier this year, a Singapore-based restaurant chain, Timbre, announced that it will be implementing drone waiters as a way to deal with the country’s growing service staffing gap issue.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Robot kitchens on the near future menu

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s all very real and on its way to a restaurant near you sooner than you may think.

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Three Steps to a Paperless Restaurant Office

Decluttering and getting organized are much easier than you think. Hardware and software technology are at the point where the return-on-investment for going paperless makes perfect sense.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants poised to embrace more technology in 2015

2014 was a year where the connection between restaurants and technology was on display for all to see.