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Weekly Update: Third Special Legislative Session Begins

Third Special Legislative Session Begins Gov. Jay Inslee has called lawmakers back for a third special session to work to fund the McCleary decision, a court-mandated K-12 education funding within

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Simplifying Digital Marketing For Hotels

Hospitality marketing is like selling chocolate in a busy shopping mall: Every customer has different tastes. Too many hotel marketers get caught up in the latest trends or buzz words like “big data” or “content marketing.” (Forbes)

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What Pokémon Go Really Means for Hospitality

By now you will have likely formed an opinion about the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Perhaps it’s simply the latest “thing” among Millennials and the younger Gen Z kids, and it‘ll go by the wayside before too long.

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5 Steps to Developing Effective Holiday Advertisements

5 Steps to Developing Effective Holiday Advertisements Learn how Fishbowl can help with your restaurant marketing Morgan Jorde, Senior Email & Social Media Specialist It’s [almost] the most wonderful time

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Attract New Business with Optimized Review Sites

The summer months are a popular time for vacation and it’s no surprise that one of the most popular activities travelers look forward to when venturing to new cities is

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Hospitality Industry Embraces Pokémon GO

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island, it’s nearly impossible not to know that the Pokémon GO craze has taken the world by storm like no other smartphone game. And smart restaurants and hotels are finding ways to attract the game’s devotees to their premises as paying customers.

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Quick Service is Data Driven

There’s a massive change underway as best practices from retail and e-commerce find their way into the restaurant industry. These industries were the first to harness data in pursuit of

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Social Media Metrics are Already at Your Fingertips

You may think you don’t have access to the “big data” everyone is talking about these days, or the tools to analyze that data, but if you’re using social media, you do. You just have to look.

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The real question when considering social media in 2016 is this: Are you capitalizing on its potential?

Not that long ago, newspaper ads, direct mail and, if you could afford it, TV and radio commercials were the vehicle to drive new customers to your doorstep. How you engaged them when they got there was what turned your guests into repeat business.

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Predictive Analytics and Your Restaurant: A Potential Juggernaut Awaits

When I ran multiple million dollar marketing co-ops I had to explain to the franchisees of each market the importance of spending money in mediums that our customers paid attention to.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Facebook is your friend

One of the most exciting developments in Facebook advertising is Dynamic Ads – a way for advertisers to dynamically display their ads to Facebook users based on products they visited previously on the advertiser’s website or mobile app.

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Protect your restaurant by assessing risks

Many restaurant owners and operators spend substantial time and resources building brand awareness. If you also actively assess and formulate plans to address risks your restaurant may face, you can get ahead of a potential crisis that could negatively impact brand value.

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Consider these Five Resolutions for 2016

It’s early in the year and a time for both reflection and fresh starts. Take the opportunity this month to think about what you will do differently in 2016 to up your game, and then make the commitments you need to increase your success.


32 platforms to consider when building a social media ecosystem.

by David Faro Whether you’re using social media to build awareness for your business, to drive leads to your sales force or anything else in between, it’s important to be

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Yelp for Restaurants: Top 5 Questions

Yelp for Restaurants: Top 5 Questions Karen Hoop, Email and Social Media Specialist As restaurant marketing experts, we manage online reviews for hundreds of clients. While there are multiple review