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Bolstering Lunch Sales

Fast, Healthy, Affordable: Driving a Lunch Crowd in Tough Times By Heather Donahoe In her 20 years as a waitress at Casa Mia Italian restaurant in Olympia, Wash., Kathy Hurt knows what customers want for lunch, and she knows how to make sure they get it. The eatery’s daily lunch special of soup, salad and a roll for $5.95 is ready within minutes and saves diners about $4 of what they’d pay separately for all three items, making the offering

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Yelp for Restaurants: Top 5 Questions

Yelp for Restaurants: Top 5 Questions Karen Hoop, Email and Social Media Specialist As restaurant marketing experts, we manage online reviews for hundreds of clients. While there are multiple review sites, we get the most questions about how to use Yelp effectively. Here are the top five questions we get and our recommendations: Should I respond to all my yelp reviews?  Every business is different. While some restaurants on Yelp receive dozens of reviews every week, others may only get

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Seven buzzes for hotels

You might call it the best and the worst of times to be a lodging owner or operator here in Washington.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants tackle ambient noise

Ambient noise is something you don’t usually think about. It’s just “there” – part of the background soundscape, but it’s a lot more important than you might suppose.

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Man reunited with restaurant workers who saved his life

When a customer collapsed at a Waterville, Maine restaurant at the beginning of 2015, a waitress and security guard rushed to his side and performed CPR. Later, that man had the chance to thank the people he credits with saving his life. 61-year-old Mark Boudreau of Waterville suffered a medical emergency while dancing with his two sisters at the Silver Street Tavern, New Year’s Eve. “We are so thankful that you are okay,” said Tasha York, who performed CPR. “Hey,

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How to bring the locals back?

Provided by Shannon Ronalds – www.drivebi.com Fall is on the way and when it arrives, you’re going to need a rainmaker. When the tourists go home, the sunglasses come off and the patios close down, you’re going to need a way to get your local customers back in. Sure, there is social media, but that’s a busy space with a lot of noise from your competitors. What if you could communicate directly with your biggest fans and get them to come

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Sustainable restaurants: lower costs, cleaner environment, community building, customer goodwill

Sustainability, in ecological terms, is the way biological systems remain diverse and productive. In more general terms, sustainability is achieved when systems work seamlessly together to endure.

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Hospitality: The secret ingredient for restaurant success

Hospitality is front and center in the restaurant industry – or at least it should be.