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President’s Column: Social Media and the New Business Model

2016 is going to be a year where the current restaurant model will be shattered and rebuilt due to the political policies that are creating a new reality. Something we all should consider when creating a new business model is how impactful social media will be.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: What to do when customers claim your food made them sick

Restaurants strive to provide wholesome food that meets the highest standards of safety, but despite their best efforts, every now and then, customers will get sick and claim your food was the culprit.


Bolstering Lunch Sales

Fast, Healthy, Affordable: Driving a Lunch Crowd in Tough Times By Heather Donahoe In her 20 years as a waitress at Casa Mia Italian restaurant in Olympia, Wash., Kathy Hurt


Recipe for Readiness

Recipe for Readiness  A Step-By-Step Guide to Crisis Communication Introduction Recipes and crisis communications plans have more in common than you may think: Both are exceptionally private, yet their results

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Use Predictive Analytics for Marketing

Dev Ganesan is President and CEO  – Fishbowl Here  is a common scenario faced by restaurant marketers. They have developed a fantastic offer that is increasing traffic and net sales, but

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants tackle ambient noise

Ambient noise is something you don’t usually think about. It’s just “there” – part of the background soundscape, but it’s a lot more important than you might suppose.

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How to bring the locals back?

Provided by Shannon Ronalds – www.drivebi.com Fall is on the way and when it arrives, you’re going to need a rainmaker. When the tourists go home, the sunglasses come off and

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Hospitality: The secret ingredient for restaurant success

Hospitality is front and center in the restaurant industry – or at least it should be.

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Here come the Millennials – will you give them the “green” light?

I had a conversation with a Bellevue franchisee last month about how the economy is going for his business

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How do people find you?

To talk with a VenueLabs About Local reputation management expert – click here It’s no secret the way we, as consumers, find local businesses has fundamentally changed. We now use

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Loyalty Programs? Top 10 things to think about

WRA – Loyalty card program advisor It is not enough to just have a loyalty program anymore. Research conducted by Fast Company found that in the U.S., there are roughly

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Restaurant ATM’s | The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When it comes to restaurant ATMs, there are lots of positives and negatives to be seen, depending on your personal viewpoints. Lots of people enjoy having restaurant ATMs readily available,


Your ATM could provide you with:

Increased Register Receipts – People withdraw an average of $60 per transaction. Much of that money is spent in the location it was withdrawn. Most of the money made with an

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Ask WRA: Grow profitability by retaining loyal guests

QUESTION: Recently, I spent a week straight in my restaurant covering for my manager while she was on vacation. It appears that fewer regular guests are visiting as I didn’t see many of the people I’m used to seeing. We’ve lost some, so how do I make sure we don’t lose anymore and build some back?