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Leaders of Fazoli’s, Saladworks, Fresh Brothers Pizza, Grimaldi’s, Focus Brands: ‘Change is coming’

The sands are shifting almost daily and almost on every front: That’s the verdict from five restaurant industry leaders who shared their views Monday on the state of the industry at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago Saturday. About 70 executives and future franchisees watched the discussion as part of an education session called, “Lessons from Leaders.” (Pizza Marketplace)

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What did Black Friday tell us about mobile payments?

By Andy Brown  NCR – Aloha   Point of Sale Systems Every year, retailers look forward to Black Friday – the sales event that makes the biggest in-store shopping day of

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Consumer spending remains uneven

The August sales report is another indication that consumers continue to pick their spots carefully, despite the steady job growth and rising household income, according to the NRA’s chief economist Bruce Grindy.

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Weekly Update: Restaurants are America’s Most Popular Industry

According to the annual Gallup Work and Education Poll, restaurants are the nation’s most highly regarded industry.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: America Loves its Restaurants

According to the annual Gallup Work and Education Poll, restaurants are among the nation’s most highly regarded industries. And this is no fluke.

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GALLUP: What do “Millennials” want?

Want to connect with the millennial workforce?  Click here to visit INDUSTRY PEOPLE OFTEN ASK GALLUP, “Are millennials really that different?” The answer is yes ― profoundly so. Millennials will change

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Hospitality Industry Embraces Pokémon GO

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island, it’s nearly impossible not to know that the Pokémon GO craze has taken the world by storm like no other smartphone game. And smart restaurants and hotels are finding ways to attract the game’s devotees to their premises as paying customers.

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Plug into Gen Z diners’ interests

Defined as anyone born after 1995, Gen Z makes up about 26 percent of the population, the largest demographic since baby boomers. These young diners – 83 million strong – wield substantial spending power, and their flavor preferences differ from previous generations’.

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Survey: Moms want seafood, ethnic eats

New research from the National Restaurant Association shows that 35 percent of Americans plan to dine out on May 8, and roughly one in 10 will order restaurant takeout or delivery.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Breakfast wars

The global quick service chain, which had been struggling, has made a stunning comeback since it instituted all day breakfast last year.


Bolstering Lunch Sales

Fast, Healthy, Affordable: Driving a Lunch Crowd in Tough Times By Heather Donahoe In her 20 years as a waitress at Casa Mia Italian restaurant in Olympia, Wash., Kathy Hurt

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants put out welcome mat for Millennial moms

Naturally, restaurateurs want to connect with this vital demographic with very different expectations and interests than their elders in Generation X (born circa 1961-80) and the Baby Boom generation (born circa 1943-60).

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Dietary guidelines encourage healthful eating habits

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released today by the departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, promote what the agencies call “small, doable shifts” in daily eating habits to curb obesity and diet-related diseases.

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Farm to Table | Super Heroes at the Supermarket

“Well, the point is this: we ask for social change, for alternatives on the menu of cultural concessions, when we’re ready for it. So if it can be said that we always get the entertainment we deserve, let it be known that we always get the food that we deserve, too”.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants look forward to a happy, healthy new year

2015’s healthy eating trend was no flash in the pan. As 2016 kicks off, more restaurants than ever before are making a resolution to offer healthier menu choices.