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Eye on Hospitality: Apps are Where it’s at for Hotels and Restaurants

This is true throughout the business world, and the hospitality industry is no exception.

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Tech Trends Coming Your Way in 2016

Each new year typically ushers in new waves of technologies, gadgets and tools because of the annual Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in early January in Las Vegas. Oftentimes, these are evolutions of existing technologies or mass market rollouts of devices that have been in development for years.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Food delivery startups hit bumps in the road

In recent years, delivery startups have become a hot sector of the economy. Many investors and entrepreneurs are discovering, however, that this prospering in this growing sector is often easier said than done.

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Seven buzzes for hotels

You might call it the best and the worst of times to be a lodging owner or operator here in Washington.

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Seven buzzes for quick-service restaurants

QSRs are embracing new electronic ordering technologies, rethinking ideas of what constitutes a perfect employee, finding new ways of connecting with local communities, responding to pricing realities and developing an entirely new approach to employee advancement.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: Legislature now in session for 2016

This week the 2016 legislative session began. This year’s session is a short session scheduled to last only 60 days instead of 105.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Big players move into food delivery business

Nearly every city, in the U.S. and Canada, has several food-ordering apps and numerous existing services – like Seamless and Postmates – that specialize in quickly bringing meals from restaurant to customer.

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Mobile apps simplifying restaurant and bar staff duties

Placing food and bar orders though suppliers has traditionally been a manual process that involved going though old paperwork and placing orders over the phone or through a sales representative.

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How to bring the locals back?

Provided by Shannon Ronalds – www.drivebi.com Fall is on the way and when it arrives, you’re going to need a rainmaker. When the tourists go home, the sunglasses come off and


Free TapWiser App Orders Beer for you

Free TapWiser App Gives Restaurants Easy, Convenient Way to Order Beer Restaurant operators have a lot on their plates – starting the day early prepping food for their customers, hustling

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Google shines a light on your restaurant’s customer traffic patterns

Sometimes it seems like Google knows everything. Now one more item can be added to its vast storehouse of information: the times people are most likely to visit your business.

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How do people find you?

To talk with a VenueLabs About Local reputation management expert – click here It’s no secret the way we, as consumers, find local businesses has fundamentally changed. We now use

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8 ways to build delivery sales

With customers craving for convenience, you have the potential to grow your revenue stream by adding or enhancing delivery services.

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9 Ways Tech Can Transform Your Trade Show

82% of surveyed marketers said trade shows generate leads of “good” or “excellent” quality. Technology allows most exhibitors to benefit from better leads and tailor the experience for attendees. Trade

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Restaurants discover Instagram

Like it or not, restaurants cannot live without social media in this day and age.