Spotlight SPOKANE: Increase Efficiency (Maximize Savings)

Spotlight SPOKANE: Increase Efficiency (Maximize Savings)

One of the great benefits of membership with Washington Hospitality is the Allied membership Community. Using energy efficiently is a sound business practice that improves profitability, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. This Energy Star guide is designed to help you identify ways to save energy and water in your restaurant, or other commercial or institutional kitchen, and boost your bottom line while helping to protect the environment.

For restaurants and hotels on the East side of the state, Avista has had a significant and consistent commitment to energy efficiency for the past 40 years. From providing rebates to offering expert technical support, Avista can help with upgrading equipment and making improvements.

For commercial customers, Avista offers two types of energy efficiency programs: Site-Specific and Prescriptive.

Site-Specific programs are for those with processes unique to their building’s operation. They enable commercial customers to propose an energy efficiency project for a technical review and potential incentive. Multifamily residential developments may also qualify if the majority of the units and common areas are receiving the efficiency improvements.

Prescriptive programs are for customers who have typical replacements of traditional equipment. These programs include:
• Air Guardian Compressed Air: Compressed air audits and direct installation of a leak-reduction device for rotary screw compressors over 15 HP
• Energy Smart Grocer: Commercial refrigeration opportunities
• Food Service Equipment: For purchasing energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment
• Green Motor Rewind: For rewinding a motor at an authorized service center
• Commercial Lighting: Retrofitting existing lighting with energy-efficient lighting
• Natural Gas HVAC: Installation of energy-efficient natural gas furnaces or boilers
• HVAC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): for retrofitting an HVAC pump or fan with a VFD
• Insulation: adding wall or attic insulation to a building

Avista also offers a free monthly newsletter filled with energy-saving ideas for commercial customers. If you’d like to receive Avista’s newsletter, sign up online.

To learn more about Avista’s energy-efficiency programs, please visit or email

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