Secure Scheduling Ordinance: Is your business affected?

Secure Scheduling Ordinance: Is your business affected?

On Sept. 19, 2016, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed the Secure Scheduling Ordinance into law. We’re rolling out bite-sized pieces in the coming weeks to get you up to speed. Or, if you have some time and want to dig in, read our in-depth analysis here.

For today: When does it take effect and who is impacted?

Effective Date

The Secure Scheduling Ordinance takes effect in the city of Seattle on July 1, 2017.

Food Service Establishments Covered by the Ordinance

Seattle food services establishments with 500 or more employees worldwide are covered by the ordinance. Food services establishments is defined as those entities reporting under the 2012 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 722. Chains, integrated enterprises and franchises that employ more than 500 employees in aggregate are covered by the ordinance.

Seattle full service restaurants are only covered if they employ 500 or more employees AND have 40 or more locations worldwide.

Up Next: Predictability pay and 14-day schedules are coming next week.

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