Seattle food cart ordinance passes–some restaurant-friendly changes included

Earlier this week, the Seattle City Council passed their street food vending ordinance by a vote of 8-0. This ordinance will allow food vending from carts on sidewalks and trucks in the right-of-way in designated areas throughout Seattle. From the ordinance’s first hearing, to this past Monday when the final vote was taken, I have testified several times in committee and worked directly Council member Sally Clark, the sponsor of the ordinance, to try and make changes that would create a more equitable set of standards for these new carts and trucks vending from public right-of-ways.  We were able to make some meaningful changes from the original ordinance, but there were still a few items that we asked to be changed that ultimately were turned down.

Below are several links that should bring you up to speed and answer most of your questions on what the new street vending laws entail. The last link is a companion resolution we were able to get the Council to accept that commits the city to studying how the new law is working and gives stakeholders such as the SRA an opportunity to comment on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions or need more information, please let me know. Now that your local elected leaders have chosen to go this route, it will most likely take at least six months for all the rule making, design guidelines, etc. to be finalized.