Seattle City Council Passes Secure Scheduling Ordinance

Seattle City Council Passes Secure Scheduling Ordinance

Today, the Seattle City Council passed the Secure Scheduling Ordinance, 9-0.

Full-service restaurants are included in the legislation if they have 40 locations and 500 employees.

Everyone else, including quick-service restaurants and retail, is included if they have 500 employees worldwide.

The ordinance will require businesses provide:

  • Two weeks advanced notice of schedules
  • Penalty pay for changes after posting schedules, except when mass communication is used
  • Extra pay when there is less than 10 hours between shifts
  • Any available hours offered to existing employees before hiring more employees

The Seattle Restaurant Alliance has been collaborating with the city on scheduling legislation since day one.

We worked hard on behalf of our members to create the best scheduling policy outcomes for employees and restaurateurs that won’t remove the flexibility employees enjoy.

We are pleased that in working with the city and labor advocates we made some positive moves through amendment additions that will benefit employees.

The Washington Hospitality Association will provide a detailed summary of the ordinance to members in the coming days, so please stay tuned.

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