Restaurants: Save Money and Keep Employees Safe

Restaurants: Save Money and Keep Employees Safe

Comprehensive safety training has far reaching effects on your business. Not only is it beneficial to have safety measures in place, but the law requires employers to provide their employees with working conditions that are free of known dangers. There are many factors to consider when evaluating the safety of your facility and the employees in it. In the busyness of the hospitality industry, health and safety procedures often go unestablished and/or unenforced. However, it is important to evaluate the safety of your restaurant in order to save money on employee injuries, uphold your reputation, and to simply keep employees safe.

There are many areas that should be addressed when evaluating the safety of your restaurant. Some areas to consider include hot oils/surfaces, knives, and hazardous chemicals. Knives are a common kitchen danger, and it is important to keep knives sharp and in a safe place, and to ensure proper handling. Other factors to consider include proper machine maintenance/handling, fire and electrical hazards, and even workplace violence. It is also very important to walk through your establishment and determine the potential safety hazards that are unique to your business.

Take this restaurant safety quiz to learn more about how you can protect your employees and your business.

Kickstart your safety program today! Washington Hospitality first aid classes are available through Site Response. Classes are offered on location at your organization when 10 or more students attend. There are classes provided on multiple topic areas and member pricing is provided on the purchase of safety products.

To view safety products available through Site Response, go to To receive the member discount on any items you wish to purchase, contact Site Response directly and let them know you are a Washington Hospitality Association member.


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