Washington restaurant reopening guideline videos


The Washington Hospitality Association has hosted a series of webinars with Employment Security Department, Labor & Industries and the Department of Health, as well as other organizations to cover guidelines, strategies and tactics for reopening your business. We have parsed out key points from each webinar and categorized them by topic. It is now easier than ever to find the help you need directly from the state’s top experts.

Webinars and videos


The association has scaled up its ongoing webinar and video efforts to replace traditional communications outlets such as print magazines and events. There is a new webinar every week and sometimes, multiple webinars occur within a single week. More videos to inform and educate our membership on regulations and new best practices are already in development.

Reopening ideas


Submit your ideas and check out the ideas from others in the industry. The association has provided this unique platform to manage and curate the many great insights from owners, managers and staff from all over the state. All you need to do is enter your ideas or comment and rate other ideas. Think of it like a perpetual brainstorming session amongst industry partners and experts. You can also search for specific ideas based on the particular needs of your business.

Coronavirus Resource Guide and other industry resources


The Washington Hospitality Association has put together a Coronavirus Resource Guide to help the industry navigate through these difficult times. Many questions can be answered by searching through this resource. There are also Frequently Asked Questions or Q&A’s under each of the main categories. The Association’s comprehensive knowledge base focuses on news, resources and information related to the coronavirus outbreak and how it affects the hospitality industry.

Hospitality YouTube Channel


Subscribe to the association’s YouTube channel to be one of the first to learn about new videos that the association posts. Whether it’s a webinar, how-to video or a two-minute update, almost every association video can be found on its YouTube channel.

Washington Hospitality Podcast


For nearly a decade, the Washington Hospitality Association had its own weekly radio show/podcast, DineNW. Now, the association has relaunched its new podcast channel that can be accessed from iTunes and Google Play. Initially, it repurposes the association’s webinars and videos into an audio-only format, so members will be able to stay updated during commutes or other times video isn’t convenient. Over the next year, the association will build out its podcast channel with original content that focuses on news, resources and information specific to Washington state’s hospitality industry.

Download the “Washington State Guide to Reopening Your Restaurant”


This downloadable document guides restaurants every step of the way as we reopen our industry. It features regular, timely updates and further guidance as information becomes available and includes the official reopening requirements, templates, questions and answers, ready-to-use posters and more. It is constantly updated and available to download to the entire industry.

Members-only HUB


The association’s first-ever, members-only online HUB is filled with videos, articles, podcasts and more teaching members how to increase revenues and cut costs to stay afloat. Start clicking around or use the search icon in the upper right to search a specific topic. Don’t find what you’re looking for? Email us at .

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