Pizza Hut waitress saves man’s life

Pizza Hut waitress saves man’s life

In 2014, on Sunday night, a waitress in Kendallville Indiana saved a customer’s life when she used her CPR training to get his heart beating again.  At first she heard employees yelling from across the restaurant, and then heard “call 911” called out in a frantic voice.  She ran to the table, and a 64 year old gentlemen was seated, head tilted back, and unconscious.

Although her customer thinks that his life was saved because waitress Heather Bateman was “in the right place at the right time,” in actuality, he is still with us because Heather had medical training and knew what to do in a moment of medical crisis. her knowledge of CPR was fundamental in making sure her customer, Carl Weathers, lived to see another day.

When Bateman and her manager helped Weathers to the floor, she checked for a pulse, and when she could find none, she started to perform chest compressions.  After four or five cycles, Weathers vomited, woke up, and started breathing again. “It’s always an amazing feeling,” Bateman said. “My adrenaline was obviously still pumping at the time, but I don’t call myself a hero. I like to help people.”

Being able to respond to medical emergencies is crucial to the management and operation of a hospitality organization. Heather’s experience mirrors thousands of similar stories across the country.  Ask any restaurant or hotel manager, and they will be able to tell you about, “This one time….”

Some of the stories turn out well, like Heather and Mr. Weathers.  Some do not.  Generally, the difference is training.

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