Paid Leave: Tacoma, 2016

Paid Leave: Tacoma, 2016

Tacoma’s new paid leave ordinance is set to take effect February 1, 2016.  In order to help you through this transition, we’re starting a web series on how to implement this new law. We’ll be posting a new edition weekly, so keep checking back. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to these guides along with links to outside resources.  This paid leave guide is our interpretation of the ordinance and should not be considered a substitute for legal counsel. We are here to be your resource and help you succeed, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions: (360) 956-7279.

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Weekly Editions:

Edition 1 – Implementation Options

Edition 2 – Premium Pay Programs

Edition 3 – Accrual of Paid Leave

Edition 4 – Use of Paid Leave

Edition 5 – Requesting Paid Leave

Edition 6 – Unused Leave

Edition 7 – Additional Options

Edition 8 – Complete Sample Policy



Paid Time Off Policy Checklist

Paid Leave Ordinance FAQ

Premium Pay Program Application

Notice to Employees Paid Leave Page