Overview of Employee Safety Alert Systems for Hotels

Here’s a quick overview of technology options that can help Seattle hotels comply with the city’s recently approved hotel initiative.


Seattle voters passed Initiative 124 on Nov. 8, 2016, introducing new standards for Seattle hotel employers.

I-124 requires certain-sized hotel employers to provide employees with additional protection from assault, sexual harassment and injury. It also requires maintaining lists of guests accused of harassment, greater access to health care, limits on housekeeping workloads and limited job security for employees upon hotel ownership transfer.

In addition, the initiative requires Seattle hotels with 60 or more guest rooms or suites of rooms to equip employees who work alone in guest rooms with a safety alert system. The system must be able to summon immediate, on-scene assistance from another employee, security guard or representative of the hotel employer.

Here are some alert system options currently available for hotels:

An App: GuardianMPS is an app that provides the location of the device with the app when a button is pushed. It also gives the staff member’s last assignment and live audio feed when the panic alarm is sounded. GuardianMPS monitors panic alarms 24/7 and alerts the hotel team in an emergency. www.guardianmps.com. Contact Ron Bleakney at 781-697-8841 or  Ron.Bleakney@guardianmps.com.

A Button:  RF Technologies PinPoint is an easy-to-conceal panic button that uses the hotel’s Wi-Fi to communicate with a server. When the pendant button is pushed, location information is collected from the Wi-Fi network and reference tags in the area. The signal passes through a server to all security monitoring computers and available mobile devices. www.rft.com. Contact Marina Willis at 262-373-5122 or MWillis@rft.com.

Two-Way Radios: Bearcom Wireless Worldwide is another option for hotels that want to equip staff members with two-way radios that can be used like walkie-talkies in the case of an emergency. www.bearcom.com. Contact Eric Lyon at 206-262-3629 or Eric.Lyon@bearcom.com.

In the Cloud: Amadeus HotSOS is a cloud-based, service-optimization enterprise solution that enables staff members to virtually connect and manage their department from anywhere on any device. Employees can send alerts in real time to report any guest or staff incidents or service delays. www.amadeus-hospitality.com/amadeus-service-optimization. Contact Sarah Taveprungsenukul at 615-613-8663 or saraht@amadeus.com.


This article by Jillian Henze will appear in the January issue of Washington Hospitality magazine. 


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