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Price hike on liquor will roll back

In 2009, the Liquor Control Board chose to raise liquor prices for all customers, despite having received legislative direction to withhold a price increase from licensees. The WRA went back to the Legislature in 2010 and asked for specific budget language exempting licensees from the increase, and the governor vetoed the language. This year, the price hike will effectively “sunset” as a new budget cycle begins, and the WRA worked with legislative leadership to ensure that the protection for licensees could not be vetoed. Licensees will see prices fall back to pre 2009 levels, or 8-11% based on the product.

Liquor license fee increase will sunset

Also, in 2009, the Legislature imposed a 10.5% increase in liquor licenses. The WRA was neutral on the issue then for several reasons; the increase went directly back to enforcement and administration of the licenses and was the only portion of the fees to do so, there had not been an increase to fees in several years, and the tax was temporary. Despite a legislative proposal this year to not only make that 10.5% increase permanent, but add an additional 10% increase on top, licensees will see their fees drop back to pre 2009 levels – just in time to add an endorsement for growlers to-go! (Available beginning July 22).

Restaurants no longer are required to pay sales and B&O tax on meals provided to employees for free:

SB 5501, which was prime sponsored by Sen. Ed Murray, and Rep. Eric Pettigrew in the House, and was passed by the Legislature this session will take effect July 1.

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