Over the last six months, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries has worked with stakeholders to update the “white collar” exemptions under the Minimum Wage Act for Executive, Administrative and Professional staff, including updating overtime exemptions and the salary threshold. A new version of the pre-draft rules ties the overtime exemption and salary threshold to a range of 2-2.5 times the state minimum wage, a range of $56,160 – $70,200 annually (Note: This salary range is based on a $13.50 minimum wage. If these proposed rules were to go into effect as written on Jan. 1, 2020 and adjusted annually after for inflation, the salary threshold would grow larger.) View the Second Version of the Pre-Draft Rules here. 

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*We acknowledge you may receive this call to action several times, however, this is a very important issue that will impact our industry.*

The Department is asking for feedback on the proposed range. The Department has also suggested an effective date of Jan. 1, 2020, and has asked for feedback on a phase in, based on business size. The department is also asking for feedback on adopting a higher salary threshold (Yes – higher than $56,160 – $70,200!) in larger cities or areas of the state.

What the Washington Hospitality Association is doing:

  • Informing our members of this proposal
  • Participating in, and opposing this drastic proposal (View Julia Gorton’s comments on behalf of the Washington Hospitality Association: Scoping Questions, Draft Rule Concepts, EAP Pre-Draft Proposed Rule Language)
  • Driving grassroots opposition to listening sessions – the second round will be next week
  • Assisting our members in drafting comments to the Department
  • Coordinating opposition to this proposal with broader business community

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