Needed: 300,000 petition signatures on I-1183 by July 8

On Friday, June 17, the Thurston County Superior Court ruled on the final ballot title and description of I-1183, paving the way to gather signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot.

In order to qualify for the ballot, more than 300,000 signatures must be gathered on petitions and turned into the secretary of state by July 8.

The initiative, which eliminates the state monopoly on the sale and distribution of liquor, will allow qualified private retailers and distributors to compete for consumer’s (including restaurant’s) business. Market competition will bring about much-needed choice and convenience for Washington consumers, including businesses that sell liquor in their restaurants, bars or taverns.

For more details and FAQs on I-1183.

I-1183 improves upon last year’s ballot measure by:

  • Generating new revenue through licensing fees to support state and local government.
  • Dedicating millions of dollars in new revenues for local public safety programs.
  • Restricting sales of liquor from convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Increasing education and training requirements for stores that sell liquor, and toughens fines and penalties for retail stores that sell liquor to minors.

We need your help to qualify I-1183 for the ballot

  • There is an all-out push to collect valid voter signatures to qualify the ballot for the November ballot. More than 300,000 signatures must be submitted to the secretary of state by the July 8 deadline. Everyone can contribute to this effort:
    • Gather signatures at your business
      • Contact WRA for initiative petitions, instructions and background materials. (Volunteer guidelines here)
      • Urge your friends, neighbors, business colleagues and contacts to sign an I-1183 petition.
    • Go to your local Costco store and sign a petition. Costco has signature tables in all their stores.

Join the WRA in this unprecedented effort to qualify I-1183 for the ballot. I-1183 will privatize the distribution and sale of liquor in Washington, provide hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue to state and local governments and increase consumer choice and convenience – all while continuing to strictly regulate the sale of liquor.

Have questions or need more info? Contact the Washington Restaurant Association government affairs team at 360.956.7279.