Miss Rani Hong

She’s been on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She’s spoken to the United Nations General Assembly. Her work has been featured on CNN World News and international media. She has worked with hundreds of thousands of human trafficking survivors. Rani Hong’s work with the Tronie Foundation might have a global sweep, but she is based right here in Olympia.

On November 2011, Rani was given a special invitation to work with the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT). In this capacity, Rani is working with UN.GIFT to implement a Global Action Plan and to help build and bridge cooperation among all stakeholders to bring an end to human trafficking. Rani believes by working together, we can build a global movement for freedom for today’s slaves.

From Survivor of Slavery to a Global Visionary Human Rights Leader, Rani’s ability to broach this difficult subject in a compelling way, while keeping the focus on the strength of the human spirit, has proved her capability as a leader in this field – evident in both the grassroots outreach and the highest conversations with global leaders. Rani Hong, along with her husband Trong Hong, who is also a child trafficking survivor, lives in Olympia, WA USA.


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