In a big win from your government affairs team, the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (LCB) has adopted rules to allow ax throwing at liquor-licensed establishments. The rules allow liquor licensed premises to provide ax-throwing activities with the approval of a safety operating plan.

Establishments must receive prior approval from the LCB before allowing ax throwing.

The applicant must provide a safety operating plan that addresses mitigating safety concerns and must include:

  • Protocols for monitoring alcohol consumption
  • Always have MAST-certified staff in the ax-throwing area
  • Prohibiting anyone who appears intoxicated from participating in ax throwing
  • De-escalating patrons who appear intoxicated and are uncooperative and hostile
  • Training employees on the safety operating plan

Floor plans must also be included in the application. Ax-throwing establishments must:

  • Designate spaces where alcohol can be sold, served or consumed
  • Alcohol is prohibited in ax-throwing areas
  • You must have barriers around the ax-throwing area such as walls, fences, cages or similar obstructions

These new rules go into effect on July 9.