Liquor Control Board adopts training requirements for retailers


Initiative 1183 requires spirits retail licensees to have adequately trained employees who engage in the sale of spirits, through a “responsible vendor program” established, by rule, by the board,  and includes training centered around the “prohibitions against sale of spirits to individuals who are underage or visibly intoxicated.”
On Wednesday, the Liquor Control Board adopted requirements for the Responsible Vendor Program, and agreed the MAST program will meet the training requirements passed by voters to ensure safe alcohol sales. The WRA agrees this training, which our industry has relied on to maintain safe alcohol sales, is appropriate for the new role retailers will take on. Additionally, we look forward to the new opportunity this provides for the Association’s Education Foundation, as providers of the MAST program.


Governor proposes to eliminate the Liquor Control Board

Last week, HB 2723 was introduced by Rep. Sam Hunt, (D-22) by request of the governor, and would eliminate the Liquor Control Board.

The 223-page bill proposes to replace the Liquor Control Board with the “Office of Beverage Control”, and rather than a three-person professional board, would be directed by an executive director appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. Initial review of the bill indicates this proposal simply transfers all powers of the Board to the “Office of Beverage Control.” The WRA Government Affairs Committee (GAC) will review the proposal and take a position within the coming week.