July brings more to celebrate than just the 4th

Starting tomorrow, the state’s restaurant industry will enjoy several of the WRA’s biggest victories during this legislative session. From decreased liquor license fees and liquor prices, to the employee meal tax exemption, the foodservice industry will soon experience the fruits of this session’s labor. Read on.

Attend Seattle’s hearing on paid sick leave next week

Seattle City Council Member Nick Licata, the sponsor of the proposed paid sick leave legislation will be holding a public hearing on the ordinance July 6, 5:30 p.m., on the 2nd floor of City Hall (600 4th Ave). Please plan on attending. Councilman Licata recently published a blog post detailing his stance, explaining his proposed timing for the ordinance and providing responses to several questions and concerns raised by the business community. The hearing on July 6 is your opportunity voice any concerns you may have about the proposal. Don’t miss out. Contact Josh McDonald at joshm@wrahome.com with any questions.

Your input needed on LCB rule review

On Wednesday, the Liquor Control Board approved a request to review WAC 314-11-015(3)(d). This rule is in regards to entertainers or performers such as comedians or musical acts, etc., consuming alcohol. Under this WAC, those providing entertainment in licensed establishments are considered employees, and therefore are prohibited from consuming alcohol. Read on for more info on how to participate in the process.

NRA urges Congress to extend DREAM Act to ProStart
The National Restaurant Association last week to urged Congress to expand the DREAM Act of 2011 to include our industry’s ProStart program. The DREAM Act—Development Relief for Alien Minors—which would provide conditional permanent residency to certain undocumented immigrant students who graduate from U.S. high schools, currently does not cover students enrolled in our ProStart program. Read on.

Design mistakes restaurants make
Are your restaurant’s decorations dusty and outdated? Are your service areas cluttered? Learn the mistakes restaurants often make with their interior and what can be done to correct them. Read on.


I-1183 petition still needs YOUR signature

If you haven’t already signed a petition for I-1183, only eight days remain to do so.This initiative eliminates the state monopoly on the sale and distribution of liquor and will allow qualified private retailers and distributors to compete for consumer’s (including restaurants’) business. 300,000 verified signatures must be collected by the July 8 deadline, therefore it is important for you to get involved.

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