By Chad Pearson, Employment Security Department 

Sometimes, being a small employer is tough. You’re sweeping floors one minute and reviewing resumes the next. It can feel overwhelming. 

The good news is: You’re not on your own when it comes to hiring. delivers big-company recruiting tools for free. offers:  

Candidate management and sharing 

Quickly review applicants—or share details with others you authorize to share your company’s account. Rate and keep track of your top candidates with just a click of a button. Then, organize into folders and come back to them when you’re ready. 

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Sidebyside resume search 

Review and select resumes to compare important qualities side by side. Send messages to your best matches — all from one screen.    

6Sense technology 

Use this patented technology to search for candidates in ways you never considered.  6Sense rates candidates with more than keywords, it uses, concepts, context and amount of experience to score them.  

Tens of thousands of dollars of recruiting technology support you at It’s like having a full human resources team at your service. And while many websites charge to post your jobs, lets you post unlimited jobs at no cost—ever. 

Find candidates to fill your open positions quickly. Sign up with!