Insurance available across state lines?

Insurance available across state lines?

Many front pages of national newspapers this week hinted that the president is about to issue an order that will relax some federal rules that currently regulate health insurance. The front pages suggest that the order will address the selling of insurance plans across state lines. The order is also expected to provide avenues for citizens to create insurance groups that allow them to buy insurance outside of the typical employment model.  Conservatives have long held that the ability to sell insurance across state lines would lower costs and increase the scope of products available to consumers. The order has the support of politicians such as Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky. “Association plans would let plumbers, carpenters, welders or any type of small business band together to get group health insurance,” Mr. Paul said.

The order is expected to be aimed at small business and individuals, and will contain instructions for at least three cabinet departments to incentivize insurance programs through what the administration calls “association health plans.”  The intention is to focus on insurance offered through trade groups and community organizations.

There is some opposition to the idea. The new rules are not supported by all in the public or the insurance industry. There is speculation that it would affect the market too drastically, leaving groups outside of association models with more fragile communities of participants.  Economists differ in opinion on how opening up interstate markets for association insurance plans will effect costs and coverage for Americans.

The Washington Hospitality Association encourages all hospitality organizations to look closely at the insurance plans that we offer through our Healthcare Solutions programs. Washington Hospitality has worked diligently to be ahead of the game when it comes to understanding how health care legislation will affect our members.  If the president’s order has any direct effect on hospitality healthcare, you can be sure our experts will understand the changes, and will be poised to position your coverage to leverage those new rules.  The association’s healthcare consultants are ready to hear from you.  If you have questions regarding your existing plans, cost saving products, or new ways of thinking about coverage for you and your business, click here, or call this number.

As we have written in numerous articles, predicting the direction of healthcare rules and legislation is more difficult now than ever.  That’s why you need the association on your side and in your corner.  Use your membership to connect with the primary source of information when it comes to all things hospitality and health care.  If the President’s new order truly paves the way for a new way of thinking about association health care plans, the best position you could possibly be in, is to already be a participant of an association health care solution.  Call us today.

Visit  the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or The Hill for even more details.

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