Initiative 124: Protecting Hotel Employees from Injury

Initiative 124: Protecting Hotel Employees from Injury

Seattle voters passed Initiative 124 on Nov. 8, 2016.

Initiative 124 concerns health, safety and labor standards for Seattle hotel employees.

In the mini series today: Protecting Hotel Employees from Injury

Hotel employers must:
• Protect employees from chemical hazards by requiring information to be readily available to employees regarding hazardous chemicals in their work areas. Also, take appropriate steps to protect employees from the harmful effects of chemicals, including controlling the use of chemicals and preventing dangerous employee contact and exposure.

Large hotel employers must:
• Limit housekeeper workloads to no more than 5,000 square feet of room space in an eight-hour workday;
• When an employee performs 10 or more Strenuous Room Cleanings (definition below) in an eight-hour day, reduce the maximum floor space by 500 square feet for the tenth room and thereafter;
• Reduce assigned square footage workloads in a prorated manner if an employee works less than an eight-hour workday;
• Provide time-and-a-half for the entirety of an employee’s shift if he or she exceeds the square-footage requirement.

[Definition] Strenuous Room Cleaning: The cleaning of (1) a checkout room or (2) a stayover room that includes a cot, rollout bed, pet bed or crib.

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