Incident reporting? Are you doing it right?

Incident reporting? Are you doing it right?

It happens to every manager in most restaurants. A breathless employee runs up and tells you that another employee was cut, burned, or otherwise hurt. Then the process of applying first aid, stabilizing the situation, and incident reporting begins. Following the correct worker’s comp procedures and staying involved with your employee’s claim are vital aspects of navigating the insurance process. Are you up on the latest information regarding incident reporting? Do you have the right forms?


Follow the links below to find useful information regarding incident reporting.  For more information on claims management discover ERNWest.  ERNWest, a Federal Way-based workers’ compensation risk management provider, provides claims management services for the WRA’s Retrospective Rating program. For more information on joining WRA’s Retro program visit or call 800.225.7166.

Note: Employers must report to L&I within 8 hours the death, probable death, or the in-patient hospitalization of any employee due to an on-the job injury by calling 1‑800‑423‑7233.

Incident reporting packet and template

Immediately After an Accident

If your employee is injured on the job, take action right away.

Employer Claim Notification

To ensure early notice of employee claims, L&I will now mail claim arrival notices to both your claim mailing and physical location addresses, if the addresses are different.

Stay Involved with Your Employee’s Claim

Control costs and retain a good employee by staying involved in the claim.

Help Your Employee Return to Work

Helping your employee return to work benefits you and your employee.

Stay at Work: Light Duty Reimbursement

Keep injured workers on light duty while they recover. Get reimbursed for 50% of wages plus expenses.

Protest or Appeal Claim Decisions

How to protest or appeal L&I claim decisions.

Out-of-State Injured Workers

Washington injured workers benefits and responsibilities don’t change if they live outside Washington State.

Settle a Claim

Learn about structured settlement agreements, an alternative option to resolve claims for workers 55+.

Follow these helpful links for more information:

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