Housekeepers’ Health & Safety in the Workplace

Housekeepers’ Health & Safety in the Workplace

Ergonomics is the science of designing jobs, equipment, and workplaces to fit the person. The application of ergonomics to housekeeping is an extremely beneficial way to reduce pain/discomfort, lower the risk of getting hurt, and even increase the quality and efficiency of work.

Housekeepers are often susceptible to injury caused from repetitive activities, forceful exertions, awkward positions (i.e. cleaning tubs), and lack of muscle rest. Because of this, the implementation of simple ergonomic principles can greatly alter ones wellness and satisfaction with their work. There are many practices that can be implemented to help prevent these injuries. Some of these practices include: properly distributing weight on carts, alternating hands/arms while wiping surfaces, reducing bending by using different postures, and carrying several small loads rather than one large. It can also be beneficial for housekeepers to wear comfortable shoes.

There are many other measures that can be taken to increase health and safety for housekeepers. Click here to learn more.

Kick-start your safety program today! Talk with your employees about best practices to promote safety at work. Make health and safety even more of a priority by scheduling a first aid class at your property. Washington Hospitality Association first aid classes are available through Site Response. Classes are offered on location at your organization when 10 or more students attend. Training for handling blood-borne pathogens is also available.

To view safety products available through Site Response, go to To receive the member discount on any items you wish to purchase, contact Site Response directly and let them know you are a Washington Hospitality Association member.