Hotels Welcome Rani Hong, Crusader Against Forced Labor

Hotels Welcome Rani Hong, Crusader Against Forced Labor

OLYMPIA… The Washington Hospitality Association will welcome Rani Hong to its Lodging Convention, Oct. 22-24, at the Tulalip Resort Casino. Rani Hong is a survivor of child trafficking and co-founder of the Tronie Foundation, an organization that is causing a global shift in consciousness and behavior by exposing the human cost of slavery. The foundation’s primary goal is to mentor survivors of slavery, both to become leaders and to work together with global leaders in the movement to end human trafficking.

The hospitality industry is committed to fighting forced labor and is honored that Rani will speak at the culmination of our convention, on Oct. 24. During her compelling presentation, she will invite members of our industry to pledge that they will not allow forced labor on the premises of their hotels or in any other way within their organizations.

By sharing her story, Rani has helped international government officials, NGOs, corporations, philanthropists and journalists understand the circumstances that give rise to the possibility and persistence of forced labor. She was the closing speaker at the UN General Assembly’s Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking and has participated in many international forums.

From survivor of slavery to a global visionary human rights leader, Rani’s ability to broach this difficult subject in a compelling way, while keeping the focus on the strength of the human spirit, has proven her capability as a leader in this field – evident in both the grassroots outreach and the highest conversations with global leaders.

The Washington Hospitality Association looks forward to her appearance at the convention and the positive impact she will have on our industry.

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The Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation offers the hospitality industry a raft of #antiforcedlabor educational and training opportunities. Along with a wide network of stakeholders who are actively combating the ramifications of forced labor in our state economy, The Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation is a partner against human trafficking at organizations across the state.  For more information about our anti human trafficking training solutions contact Sandra Miller at or visit 

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