Hot Culinary Techniques at the Northwest Foodservice Show

Culinary icon, Graham Kerr, will take the stage Sunday, April 18, at the Northwest Foodservice Show along with other hot chefs to show restaurateurs how to bring healthful cooking techniques into their restaurants. The focus is “make it healthy and tasty” and you will keep your customers coming back for more. Ranging from gluten-free cooking to spicing things up and reducing sodium, the Sysco Demo Stage will be an eruption of culinary techniques to inspire the creative chef and present profit-minded restaurateurs with options to improve their menus.

Monday, April 19,  is dedicated to a series of throw downs loaded with practical ideas that you can take back and implement within your restaurant. Bring some excitement and profit to your  happy hour menu, breakfast offerings and check out gastropub fair.

Check out the segment times on the Sysco Demo Stage and register for the show today!