Hospitality Superhero! (Are you One of Them?)

Hospitality Superhero! (Are you One of Them?)

by David Faro

In a surprise twist, the Washington Hospitality Credit Card Processing Program has not only saved Association members thousands and thousands of dollars, but it has also generated heavy demand for superhero costumes in Washington state.

“It started when my assistant manager brought the credit card processing program to my attention,” said a general manager of a full-service restaurant in one of the state’s medium-sized cities. “After three months of participation, we saved hundreds in processing fees. After that, I felt that I needed to get Ralph a superhero costume. He deserved it. He now wears it all the time. At first some people thought it was strange, but after I explained the ‘why’ it became clear immediately. People now ask to sit at his tables specifically.”

As the Association rolled out the program, sightings of other clued in managers wearing superhero costumes increased.

“It can be a bit strange,” said one diner in a popular tourism destination on the coast. “At first, we were surprised to see our server wearing leotards stuffed with muscles, but when he explained that he was interested in a career in hospitality management it made total sense. After that he told us about the Credit Card Processing Program he had recommended to his boss. It became clear at that point that he was deserving of the outfit and my kids called him ‘SuperDude’ for the rest of the meal. For the first time in my life it was fun to pay with a credit card, knowing we were helping the whole place save money.”

Some patrons have had to take a bit more time to adjust to this new era of savings though. “I came here to propose to my fiancé,” said a guest at high end establishment used for unique events and five-star food service. We expected the manager to be in a formal wear, but she had on a bright red spandex suit with a yellow chest plate that had CCPP emblazoned on it. We had encountered the same thing at a burger joint earlier in the day by the water, so we knew about the new program already. It sure does make you smile to know that people are making good choices and saving money, even if they are making strange selections with their wardrobe.”

The Association expects this trend to continue, and some fashion analysts are expecting the Washington Hospitality Association to expand its reputation as a think tank known as a hotbed for hospitality superheroes.

The Association also expects hospitality organizations to continue to enjoy increased savings as more members participate.

“It really is a terrific program,” says Ken Wells, director of business development for Washington Hospitality. “On average, we are saving businesses $2,400 annually. We are incredibly proud to offer this program to our members.”

When asked if he would be wearing a costume anytime soon, Wells replied, “I am a little more understated than that. I wouldn’t hold your breath if you are waiting to see me decked out in full Superman regalia, but I would recommend that you check out the Credit Card Processing Program. We all certainly feel like heroes each time a business signs up. We know we are doing good things for people, for communities and for individual businesses. This program is another great benefit for members. Anyone reading this should pick up the phone and get the process started. This is what we do. Help our members create wins on their path to success. This program is certainly a big, big win.”

So, if your server is wearing a costume and looks a bit like wonder woman, now you know what is most likely going on. Congratulate her on her big brains and dedication to lowering costs! Then, immediately call 360-972-3805 and ask for Amy S.  If you would like to email Amy, please contact her at . For more information online, please click here. 

Become your organization’s Superhero today!

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