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It used to be called the Washington Lodging Convention. Not anymore. For the first time, we are presenting the Washington Hospitality Convention, the place where restaurants and hotels can come together to find new ways to serve our customers.

We are all in the same business—hospitality. We make our guests feel at home and offer them local, personal experiences. Washington state has a lot to brag about, no matter where you visit.

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Tourists can enjoy a day sailing in Puget Sound, or they can bike the Centennial Trail in Spokane. They can have an exciting night in an urban, downtown location or they can get away from the bustle of a big city at one of our many lakes and rivers. Agriculture contributes to our restaurants, whether that is locally-sourced produce or artisan cheese from a nearby dairy. Washington wineries and breweries present our guests with flavors they cannot enjoy anywhere else.

Our industry is evolving. We can offer each other solutions to hurdles we face in hospitality and our communities.

This year’s convention will be like no other we’ve had in the past. Come and share your stories and learn from others.

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