Hospitality Health Care Solutions

Hospitality Health Care Solutions

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Way back in 2010, employers were looking at multiple business models available through compliance or non-compliance with the ACA.

In other words, employers were trying to determine whether to either “play or pay.” The WRA hosted multiple symposiums, arranged industry wide conference calls, and has written tens of thousands of words on the subject of employer based health care. We knew that this conversation was important because many of our members who had always provided major medical benefits were now wrestling with the law. The most proactive employers made their decisions and began solving for the ACA back then. The least? They got hit by the mandate in the last year. Now the final group of employers (50-99 employees) were forced to act, if they have not already.

The WRA has been on the front line of the transformation of the health care system as a result of the Affordable Care Act. We have sought to be a primary source of information for hotels and restaurants trying to figure out how to connect their business with insurance models that make them compliant with the law.

The WRA has recently expanded its offering of insurance products to include multiple options for hospitality businesses of all sizes, and it is our goal to make sure that every member, and in fact every restaurant and hotel in the state, are connected with the health care advice and services that are needed for their particular size and needs.

To that end, the WRA has created a “Health Care Solutions” web page that will guide you through simple information about available products, along with resources about the ACA. The WRA has also teamed with multiple consultants and brokers so that when the time comes for you to consider your options, we have a full array of resources for you to use. The WRA has also partnered with major medical providers to create a range of solutions for just about every need.

So call the WRA today, or visit the Health Care Solutions page, and the WRA will help you find all of the answers you need, so that you can move into 2018,  with confidence that you are making the best decisions for your employees, and your business.

To visit the WRA Hospitality Health Care Solutions web portal, click here.

To speak with a WRA Health Care solutions provider – click here.