What You Can Sell

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  • Beer and wine by the opened bottle or can or by tap for on-premises consumption.
  • Beer and wine in the original, unopened containers for off-premises consumption (if this privilege is applied for).
  • Growlers to go: Tap beer and cider for off-premises consumption in a sanitary container holding less than four gallons of beer, and brought to the premises by the purchaser (if you also have the off-premises sale privilege).
  • Beer in kegs or other containers holding at least four gallons (if you also have the off-premises sale privilege). (WAC 314-02-045)

Recorked Wine

A beer and/or wine restaurant may allow the customer to bring their own wine into the restaurant for consumption with a meal. The restaurant may charge a corkage fee. Beer and/or wine restaurants may also sell any of their wines and kegs holding at least 4 gallons for off-premises consumption so long as the proper endorsement is obtained from the Board. (RCW 66.24.400(2). (WAC 314-11-065)

Food Requirements

Beer and/or wine restaurant licensees must have food available for patrons during operating hours. The licensee must also have the necessary kitchen equipment on premises to prepare the available food. (WAC 314-02-035)


Persons under 21 are allowed in a beer and/or wine restaurant, unless the licensee has requested approval for a specific area of the restaurant to be classified as off-limits to minors.

Rev. 12/14/14


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