Tavern License

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  • Serve beer by the bottle or can or by tap for on-premises consumption.
  • Serve wine for on-premises consumption.
  • Sell beer and/or wine in the original, unopened containers for off-premises consumption.
  • Sell tap beer & cider for off-premises consumption in a container holding less than four gallons of beer, and brought to the premises by the purchaser.
  • Sell beer in kegs or other containers holding at least four gallons of beer (see Keg Sales in the Hero Manual regarding the requirements for registering kegs).
  • Refilling growlers are covered in the new Rule and must be designed for other than single use and the vending/dispensing unit meet the requirements of the Rule.

No minors are allowed in a tavern, except as outlined below. Tavern licensees must display a sign prohibiting minors. Signs are available at no charge from your local liquor enforcement office.

The law allows persons between the ages of 18 and 20 to be in a tavern only under the following circumstances:

  • If they are professional musicians, disc jockeys or lighting and/or sound technicians supporting the musical group or disc jockey. There are specific guidelines for employing musicians 18-20 years old, please check with your local Liquor Enforcement officer.
  • If they are performing janitorial duties after the tavern has closed.
  • If they are employed by an amusement device company and they are installing, repairing, maintaining or removing an amusement device.

If they are a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or security officer that’s on duty and not employed by the licensee. (WAC 314-11-040 and WAC 314-11-045)

Rev. 12/14/14


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