Sports, Entertainment, NonProfit

Sports, Entertainment, NonProfit


A sports/entertainment facility license is a spirits, beer, and wine license for arenas, coliseums, stadiums, or other facilities where sporting, entertainment and special events are presented. (WAC 314-16-260)

Sport/entertainment facilities must provide an operating plan that requests what type of liquor service they wish to have during what events. This plan must show how the licensee will handle crowd control and prevent over service and service to minors. See WAC 314-16-270.


A nonprofit arts organization license allows a bona fide nonprofit organization to sell beer, wine and spirits by the individual serving in conjunction with artistic or cultural exhibitions or performances. (WAC 314-02-090)

The nonprofit organization must be organized and operated for the purpose of providing artistic or cultural exhibitions, presentations or performances or cultural or art education programs for viewing by the general public. See RCW 66.24.495(2) for specific organizational requirements.


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