ServSafe® Allergens

ServSafe® Allergens

More than 45 million Americans suffer from food allergy and sensitivity related illnesses, and each year that number increases significantly. Plenty of your customers are included in that figure, and if you’re not prepared to meet their unique needs, don’t count on them risking their health to dine in your establishment.

Some states have passed legislation – and more are expected to – requiring food service operators to train their employees in this emerging area of consumer safety. The Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation is taking the first step to help the Washington state food industry ensure that their staff members are educated on how to serve guests with special food allergy needs.

ServSafe Allergen

Developed by ServSafe, the name our industry has trusted for over forty years, this online food allergy program is available to your employees 24 hours a day. Interactive, comprehensive, and completed in approximately 90 minutes – this program is a great starting point for both front and back of the house employees. Topics covered include:

  • Defining food allergies
  • Recognizing symptoms
  • Identifying allergens
  • Dangers of cross-contact
  • Proper cleaning methods

Managing which employees have taken the course is easy using ServSafe’s online course management program. You can purchase the course, email the information to your employees and monitor their progress all in one place.


Contact the program coordinator at or call 877.695.9733, ext. 135

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This article is an excerpt from the Handbook for Excellent Restaurant Operations (HERO), published by the Washington Hospitality Association.  Want a hard copy of the whole manual?  It’s one of the many benefits of becoming a member!  Find out more about joining the Washington Hospitality Association here.

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