Required Signage

Required Signage

Master Business License

All businesses are required to conspicuously post the business’s current and valid Master License, showing all classes of licenses and endorsements. (WAC 314-11-060)

Firearms Prohibited

Firearms prohibited signs, which are available at your local LCB enforcement office, must be posted in each area of your business that’s classified by the LCB as off premises to minors – like taverns and lounge areas. The sign is intended to carry out RCW 9.41.300 (prohibits the carrying of a firearm in the portions of a premise that are off limits to a person under 21 years of age. It is one of the few exclusions to the lawful carrying of a weapon by a private citizen, regardless of possession of a concealed weapons permit. Your local law enforcement agency is in charge of enforcing this rule. (WAC 314-11-060)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Warning Signs

All retail liquor licensees or licensees with retail privileges are required to post warning signs provided by the LCB which educate the public about the birth defect Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Signs are available from your local enforcement office and can be viewed here. Restaurants, bars and clubs must post the FAS signs in plain view at the main entrance and in the women’s restroom closest to the area where liquor is served. Airports, convention centers and sports facilities must post a FAS warning sign in a place that is clearly visible to the majority of patrons entering the liquor licensed portion of the premises.

(WAC 314-11-060)

No Persons Under 21

Tavern and spirits, beer, and wine licensees who do not allow persons under 21 years of age in any portion of their business must post a sign prohibiting minors in a conspicuous location at each entry to the premises. The sign must contain the following language: “Persons under 21 years of age not permitted on these premises.” Other licensees that do not permit persons under 21 on a portion of their premises must post a sign at each entry to a restricted area and state “Persons under 21 years of age not permitted in this area.” Signs are available at the nearest LCB enforcement office or can be designed by the licensee as long as the required language above is included. (WAC 314-11-060)


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