Private Compliance Checks

Private Compliance Checks

Once approved by the Board, retail liquor licensees may conduct their own compliance checks using minors, under specific guidelines. (RCW 66.44.290, chapter 314-21 WAC)

Licensees who conduct private compliance checks, or “in-house controlled purchase programs,” can improve their employee training on preventing the sale of alcohol to minors. In a controlled situation, the licensee would hire an 18, 19 or 20 year old person to attempt to purchase alcohol.

Before conducting private compliance checks the following apply:

  • Licensees must receive prior written approval from the Liquor Control Board before conducting a controlled purchase program.
  • Licensees can use their own employees or can contract with a third party to conduct a controlled purchased program.
  • It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure the program meets the requirements of the law and rules.

Chapter 314-21 WAC outlines specific guidelines for controlled purchase programs. For more information, contact your local enforcement office.


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