New Hire Reporting

New Hire Reporting

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (the federal welfare reform law) and the Washington law RCW 26.23.040 require all employers to report all newly hired and rehired employees to the Washington Division of Child Support (DCS). Employers must also report employees who return to work after a furlough or leave without pay. Reports to the DCS must be submitted within 20 days of hiring, rehiring, or return to work. Employers must also include dates of hire.

You may already know about New Hire Reporting. The program helps collect child support, reduce dependence on welfare programs and improve detection of Unemployment and L&I claim fraud.

DCS prefers that employers submit their reports electronically at its New Hire website: newhire. The Internet reporting method provides documentation of your report by sending an emailed response to registered employers.

If Internet reporting is not an option for your business, you may use W-4 forms, computerized lists, and magnetic media. Reports may also be faxed to 800.782.0624 or mailed to address at right.

I-9 forms are not acceptable.

All reports must contain the following information: employee’s name, employee’s address (include the ninedigit ZIP Code, if known), employee’s birth date, employee’s social security number, your business name, your business address (include your nine-digit ZIP Code) and your federal Employer ID number (FEIN).

Additional details about each reporting method and answers to frequently asked questions may be found on the New Hire website, or by calling DCS at 800.562.0479.

Medical Enrollment

If one of your employees is obligated by court order to provide health care coverage for a child, you may receive a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) from DCS advising you of your employee’s obligation.  You are required to respond to this notice within 20 business days of the date on the notice.  Additionally, you may be required to enroll the child identifi ed in the NMSN in your health plan if he or she is eligible for coverage.  The NMSN contains detailed instructions for both the employer and the insurance plan administrator.  For more information, call the DCS Community Relations Unit at 800.591.2760, or visit the DCS employer website:

Division of Child Support (DCS)


PO BOX 9023

OLYMPIA, WA 98507-9162

Phone:  800.562.0479


Rev. 1/29/14


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