Mandatory Alcohol Server Training

Mandatory Alcohol Server Training

All licensees and employees of premises that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises must have a Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) permit. On-premises liquor licensees include restaurants, clubs, taverns and sports/entertainment facilities. Employees must have their MAST permit within 60 days of employment.

*Exception: Employees conducting tastings at places like grocery stores and farmers’ markets of grocery stores do not have a grace period. They must have a valid permit at the time of service.

Facts About MAST Permits

There are two types of MAST permits:

  • The Class 12 Mixologist Permit (must be at least 21 years old) is required for persons who:
  • Manage persons who serve alcohol
  • Work as a bartender
  • Draw beer or wine from a tap
  • Mix drinks
  • The Class 13 Servers Permit (must be at least 18 years old) is required for persons who:
  • Take orders for beer, wine or spirits
  • Deliver drinks to a customer
  • Pour beer or wine at a customer’s table

Permits are good for five years, and must be available for inspection any time the permit holder is working. Permit holders must complete Mast Training classes every five years. (WAC 314-17-015 and WAC 314-17-025)

MAST Violations

The Liquor Control Board issues penalties to MAST permit holders who violate liquor laws. The standard penalty for a MAST violation ranges from a minimum of a 5-day permit suspension or $100 fine to revocation of the permit.

Following are examples of MAST violations:

  • Sale or service of alcohol to persons under 21.
  • Service of alcohol to an apparently intoxicated person, or allowing an intoxicated person to consume or possess alcohol.
  • Service of alcohol after hours, or allowing alcohol to be consumed or possessed after hours.
  • Allowing disorderly conduct on the licensed premises.
  • Allowing minors to frequent a restricted area (such as a tavern or lounge).
  • Obstructing a law enforcement officer and/or failure to allow an inspection. ƒ
  • Failure to produce MAST permit and ID upon request.

(WAC 314-17-105)

MAST Training

The Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation offers ServSafe Alcohol training to help you and your staff serve alcohol legally and responsibly.

Visit or for more information.


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