Keg Sales

Keg Sales

Any licensee who sells beer for off-premises consumption in kegs or other containers holding four or more gallons of beer must:

  • Require the purchaser to provide at least one piece of acceptable identification.
  • The licensee or employee and the purchaser must fill out a keg registration form, provided by the LCB through your local enforcement office.
  • The seller affixes the keg registration form to the keg before it’s removed from the premises.
  • The keg registration receipts must be kept available for inspection as a part of the licensee’s business records for a minimum of 1 year.

Books of keg registration forms are available from your local liquor enforcement office. Do not trade keg registration books or forms with other licensees–the numbers on the forms are recorded and checked out to your business. (RCW 66.28.200, 66.28.210, 66.28.220, WAC 314-02-115 and WAC 314-02-120).


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