Government Affairs

Government Affairs

In talking with legislators and state agencies, Washington Hospitality Association members are needed to reinforce the messages that have been identified as issues important to employers and operators in our industry. In many cases, grassroots lobbying is simply communicating our industry’s concerns. Each member of the network is someone involved with Washington’s restaurant industry on a daily basis, whether an owner, manager or supplier.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

The GAC is open to any dues-paying member of the Washington Hospitality Association; the committee decides on the positions the Association should take on issues in Olympia. The GAC meets quarterly in the off-session, and holds weekly teleconference calls during session.

Co-Chairs of Government Affairs

The members in this position are in charge of the Governmental Affairs activities of the Association. Chairs of the GA Committee make the quick decisions necessary for Washington Hospitality Association action in the absence of a committee meeting.


These Washington Hospitality Association members have established a relationship with their legislators. Main responsibilities are attending political events and keeping their legislator informed on restaurant issues.

Grassroots Network

Washington Hospitality Association grassroots members care about the issues that affect our industry and need to make effective use of limited time to be politically active. Grassroots members contact their legislators during the legislative session to express concern about a specific piece of legislation as it comes up for a vote. The WHA Grassroots Network is among the most effective in the state.

The Washington Hospitality Association believes that the statements and descriptions of the various laws and regulations set forth hereinafter with respect to the various items appearing in this Table of Contents (including those relating to taxes, employee tips, employment standards, health and workplace safety, liquor laws, and miscellaneous laws and regulations) are legally accurate descriptions of the laws and practices applicable to these items as of the date set forth below. However, because the laws relating to these various subjects are constantly changing and may in some cases, be subject to exceptions, and because many of the subjects and/or items included are legally complex, and in some cases, legally ambiguous, and because the size and format of the HERO Manual permits only a summary description of these various laws and their requirements, the Association makes no warranty or representation concerning the legal accuracy, adequacy or sufficiency of the statements and descriptions of the various laws and regulations set forth hereinafter. Members of the Association use and/or rely upon the statements and descriptions set forth herein at their own risk. The Washington Hospitality Association recommends that members intending to use and/or rely upon the information, description, and statements set forth herein obtain independent legal advice from their own legal counsel before doing so.



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