Caterer’s Endorsement

Caterer’s Endorsement

Spirits, beer and wine restaurants; beer and/or wine restaurants; and sports/entertainment facilities can apply for a caterer’s endorsement. This endorsement allows you to remove the types of alcohol that you have approval to sell on your premises for service at:

  • Events held by a non-profit society or organization; or
  • Private events, such as receptions, held by invitation only.

The event cannot be held in an establishment that has a liquor license.

A copy of your Master Business License showing your liquor license class together with the catering privilege should be on display at each event you cater.

You are responsible to ensure that liquor is not sold or served to persons who are under 21 years of age or who appear intoxicated.


Beer and/or wine restaurant licensees may apply for an added caterer’s endorsement. This endorsement allows you to take beer and wine off of your licensed premises to cater events at approved locations. See the Caterer’s Endorsement page for more information on a caterer’s endorsement.


A snack bar license allows a licensee to serve beer by the opened bottle or can for on-premises consumption only. Snack bar licensees must have food available whenever beer is sold or served. (WAC 314-02-065)

RCW 66.24.320, RCW 66.24.320 and RCW 66.24.570


Rev. 1/15/16


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