Catering License

Catering License

There shall be a caterer’s license to sell spirits, beer, and wine, by the individual serving, at retail, for consumption on the premises at an event location that is either owned, leased, or operated either by the caterer or the sponsor of the event for which catering services are being provided. If the event is open to the public, it must be sponsored by a society or organization as defined in RCW 66.24.375. If attendance at the event is limited to members or invited guests of the sponsoring individual, society, or organization, the requirement that the sponsor must be a society or organization as defined in RCW 66.24.375 is waived. The licensee must serve food as required by rules of the board.

The annual fee is two hundred dollars for the beer license, two hundred dollars for the wine license, or four hundred dollars for a combination beer and wine license. The annual fee for a combined beer, wine, and spirits license is one thousand dollars.

The holder of this license shall notify the board or its designee of the date, time, place, and location of any catered event at which liquor will be served, sold, or consumed. The board shall create rules detailing notification requirements. Upon request, the licensee shall provide to the board all necessary or requested information concerning the individual, society, or organization that will be holding the catered function at which the caterer’s liquor license will be utilized.

The holder of this license may, under conditions established by the board, store liquor on other premises operated by the licensee so long as the other premises are owned or controlled by a leasehold interest by that licensee.

The holder of this license is prohibited from catering events at locations that are already licensed to sell liquor under this chapter.

The holder of this license is responsible for all sales, service, and consumption of alcohol at the location of the catered event.

Rev. 1/15/16


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