Health Care in 2018?

Health Care in 2018?

It happened again.

The senate rejected another effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. No one really knows though if the battle to repeal is over for good, or for the time being.

Had it not been for the surprise Sen. John McCain vote, things might look different now. That’s how volatile the Healthcare ecosystem has been over the last few months.  It frankly has been a pain for businesses, no matter what side of the debate you sit on. Your membership allows you find the information you need to succeed, and that is a ray of light for confused hospitality professionals at this stage in the game.

Washington Hospitality has a team of health care and insurance experts who are diligently watching the national debate, the legislative outcomes, and helping organizations put together the best solutions possible for their business and for their unique situations.

It’s hard to get a bead on what the next moves might be for the repeal and replace factions in DC. One would have thought a few months ago that repeal efforts were dead, however Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky has found new ways to keep the fight alive through the process.

So, to dismiss the idea that another bill might come in front of the Senate, would be to contend that McConnell has nothing left up his sleeve in terms of political pressure and maneuvering.  As we have seen, McConnell usually does.

It is hard to tell what the next plans are for legislators regarding national health care, but there are some possible scenarios that might play out. How well are you positioned to leverage, or conversely, withstand, whatever is around the next corner?

Some experts expect the federal government to continue to let marketplaces weaken to the point of collapse, and then force lawmakers to act decisively.  If that happens, the idea is that more senators will be willing to negotiate a repeal bill.  This seems to be the current administration’s plan, as the president has recently tweeted the directive to let “Obamacare implode, then deal!”

The other approach could be to look for a bipartisan agreement.  Even McConnell has threatened his own party with what has heretofore been anathema in the current political era of GOP dominance, “…dealing with the Democrats.”

If that happens, then organizations can look for new plans to fix the parts of the Affordable Care Act that need calibrating, rather than total repeal.  Even Democrats admit that parts of the law need tweaking.  If the nuke and repeal route does not work, and McConnell has truly reached the end of the road, then perhaps we will see both parties at the table crafting legislation.

As we all know, that is not the case today.

The point is no one really knows what the next steps are for our country in regards to healthcare and this is leaving businesses somewhat dubious in their planning for 2018.  What everyone agrees on however, is that premiums need to go down, that deductibles need to go down, and that catastrophic coverage needs to be made more widely available to young healthy Americans.

In the meantime, what should you do?  The first answer is: call Washington Hospitality Healthcare Solutions and find out if there are benefit packages that make more sense for your team, provide cost savings, and provide better peace of mind for you in the new year.

During the process, our goal is to be your primary source of information.

Call today.

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