Friending conservation-minded consumers

Savvy operators are using a variety of methods to inform customers of their recycling efforts, according to the National Restaurant Association’s new recycling study produced with support from Georgia-Pacific Professional.

Restaurants that encourage their customers to separate items for front-of-house recycling programs use everything from social media to table tents to inform patrons of their recycling program. Thirty-five percent of operators said they promote their recycling efforts via their website.

Twenty-nine percent of respondents said they include information about their recycling programs on their menu, 26 percent display posters in their restaurant, and 23 percent use table tents or fliers.

Some operators opt to use social-media tools to promote their recycling programs. Twenty-six percent said they inform customers of their programs via Facebook, Twitter or text messaging.

Customers are hungry for such information, according to the recycling study. Twenty-four percent of operators said diners have asked staff members if their restaurant has a recycling program.

Marketing a restaurant’s recycling efforts can boost customer traffic and loyalty, said operators. Forty-five percent of survey respondents said they think customers are more likely to prefer and be loyal to restaurants that have a recycling program.

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(Source: National Restaurant Association)

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